The basic principle of the Bespoke approach rests on a perfect understanding of the client’s needs. This is why preparing a good brief is fundamental.
The first meeting is a briefing session.

Taking Measurements

There can be no Bespoke creation without a standard “yardstick” that provides an extremely precise way to measure the four bases of the “Desire Code”.
This code establishes a “premium reality” and triggers brand upselling : Product, Image, Service, Network.
We take precise measurements before offering suggestions or beginning to create. In this way, we can clearly visualize where the brand is located on a high-end scale and thus define its goal.


Once measurements have been taken, our team puts together the strategy and action plan for your brand. This is the “pattern”.
The idea is not merely to use best practices, but to enrich them with your brand universe and the Bespoke Method.
Constantly on the look-out for new media, new technologies, new studies and new talents, the Bespoke method add an innovative and original touch to strategy.


The Bespoke creative approach is a constant search for meaning and desirability. Desirability, or glamor, is integral to any attempt at upselling but it must be coherent with brand DNA. This is why it is essential to give it meaning.
A Bespoke creation is both made-to-measure (because each brand is unique) and original (because desirability is based on uniqueness).
The Bespoke Agency would be very pleased to schedule an appointment to show you some of its creations.